Better with a beard

Every man looks better with a beard. Here's proof.

Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky is one of those character actors whose name you may not recognize, but whose face you almost certainly do.  Also: the aforementioned face?  It looks better with a beard.

Prince William

Rich, privileged, and able to grow a pretty snappy beard: some people are just born lucky. [Thanks, Emma]

Stephen Colbert

Here’s a really young, bearded Stephen Colbert (reportedly photographed during his days as a student at Northwestern University).  The man hasn’t been bearded in a long, long time, but clearly needs to rethink his current stance on beardedness.  The beard suits him (as it suits pretty much everyone).

Phil Collins

You may not realize that Phil Collins (who is, sadly, retiring from music) at one point had an enormous beard.  Clearly, Phil Collins does not mess around when it comes to beards — that thing is serious. [Thanks, Eric K]

Peter Griffin

Yes, even cartoon characters look better with a beard.

Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac is the only Daily Show correspondent rocking a beard (notwithstanding Jon Stewart’s short-lived goatee experiment).  Notice how in one picture he’s holding a microphone, and in the next he’s holding an Emmy.  Thanks, beards!

Jason Alexander

Need to distance yourself from an iconic character?  No problem, grow a beard!

William Hurt

Yes, there are pictures of William Hurt with a closer-cropped, more refined beard, but Jesus Christ — look at that thing.  That beard is not kidding around.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has been Academy Award nominated for the last two years in a row for roles in which he was bearded.  The moral of this story?  If you want to be successful, grow a beard.

Alec Baldwin

Oh, beards: is there any face you can’t improve? [Props to the almost disturbingly Alec Baldwin-obsessed Jashugan for the suggestion]